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“We offer 30 years expertise in healthcare solutions, based on a perfect balance between a Western allopathic and curative approach and a more Eastern healing and wellness tradition. This experience has been accumulated in Africa since 1991 and focused on English speaking Africa since 1995 (working in and from Johannesburg, South Africa), to 2000 and a move to Mauritius, where we have, over 20 years, established strong ties with key professionals around the Indian Ocean region, and gained an in depth knowledge of the healthcare paradigm”.


“Since May 2000 and the birth of AXIOS in Mauritius, our market focus has grown outward. We first focused on “Fitness, Sport and Spa”, Wellness and Organic living on the Indian Ocean islands for 15 years, becoming the regional leader in several segments of the “well-being” sector, until the markets started saturating. We then moved on and started focusing back into Africa. We have indeed constantly worked on the African mainland, mostly on Hospital, Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory turnkey projects, for ourselves until 2010 and for European partners since 2017. Our ideal position between Asia and Africa, with a long standing support from strategic stakeholders in the EU and the UK, meant that we gradually started expanding into niche markets beyond Africa. This is our new vision at the start of this new decade in 2020: from Mauritius to Africa and the World!”


Healthcare Projects: AFRICA

  • Panafrican veterinary project with EU funding (African Union – IBAR Kenya): “gene pool banks & laboratories”: Uganda, Botswana, Cameroon, Burkina Faso & Tunisia

  • Major Hospital project (MTRH Eldoret + 7 Hospitals in North Rift Valley): Kenya Ministry of Health funded by French State to State Loan

  • Supply of 5 ambulances to Comoros Islands (AFD funding – PASCO project)

  • Supply of Imaging & Theatre equipment to Mozambique (Beira Hospital - AFD & ORIO funding)

Natural Health: INDIAN OCEAN

  • Distribution of “EVA Water Clinics" gravity filters to Mauritius+Reunion: since 2001

  • Distribution of "EVA Water Clinics' gravity filters  to Comoros & Mayotte: 2023

  • Distribution of "EVA Water Clinics's gravity filters to the EAC: Kenya, Uganda: 2023


Editorial Writing: WORLD

  • Reporting, translation and consulting for market development in Africa and Asia

  • Music publishing, production and song/poetry writing

  • Books and Hi-Fi (Vinyl turntables) distribution

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