Sales Manager for a Turnkey Health Group in English Speaking Africa: France & Belgium

Establishment of a British branch: FSE Healthcare Ltd. - United Kingdom

FSE Group (Europe) :

Sales Consultant for SMB Pharma, an independent medicines manufacturer: Belgium

Market development in Sub-saharan Africa with a focus on South Africa

SMB Laboratoires (Belgium) :


Exclusive distributor of Eva Water Clinics filtration solutions: Indian Ocean islands

EVA United (Korea) :

Exclusive distributor of MoskitoFree devices (prevention of malaria): France

Product development in the Indian Ocean islands, East Africa and Southern Africa.

MoskitoFree :


Jazz Band Manager, Author, Editor & Producer: song, video & concert portfolio development: World

The Clarisse Sisters :

Development of premium signature cocktails, with high quality spirits: Europe

La Cave à Cocktail :

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